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Summer Rowing in Berlin July 2024

What? Rowing trip on the magnificent lake district of Mecklenburg close to Berlin.

When? It is to be around the 27th of July. Questionnaire on specific dates on Spond.

How do we row? 35 km per day. Tents, sleeping bags, supplies and one bag per person fit in the boats. We could be self sufficient for three days in the wild but there are also restaurants in the towns and villages we pass. I have picked official campsites with showers and toilets rather than „wild“ ones that we might choose later on.

Micha has reserved five boats (2×4+,3x 2+) at the rowing club of Rheinsberg for two dates we might decide for.

Penguins in Berlin
Overview of the proposed route


Frist day: In the morning of the first day we meet in Berlin and head to Rheinsberg by train where we embark with our fleet by late noon to cross the first nine lakes (18km).

Second day: We cross twelve lakes to reach the „Müritz“, the largest lake of Germany and camp at its sandy beaches (34km).

Third day: The third leg takes us across that vast lake, past the area of the Fusion festival and back into the network of lakes, locks and channels (28km). All the lakes are surrounded by lush forrest with open beaches to land on for bathing breaks, picnics and short excursions on land.

Last day: The last leg of five lakes (18km) takes us back to Rheinsberg where we return the boats in the afternoon and board the train back to Berlin.

Impressions of a similar route we did some years ago


For this trip will be quite low due to very fair prices for rent of the boats,  campsites and supplies – I would calculate with less than 200€ per person without the trip to/from Berlin. The boats are reserved for two more weeks.

Details and further Questions to Michael Grunitz